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Matrix Bullet Time Fighting

Monday, February 11, 2008

Jump, kick, punch, battle your enemies, shoot your gun and fly off walls in bullet time matrix style.


The game might look simple from the outside, but it is quite an addictive shooting game. The Bullet-time concept was first introduced in recent films and computer games whereby the passage of time is slowed down so that an observer can see individual bullets flying throughout the scene at a conceivable rate, usually with their trails made visible. It was previously referred to as "Time Slice Photography". The game is totally based on this theory. Basically, you've got two modes - Kung fu and Shooting - which you can switch in between. You can also slow down time, shoot your opponent etc. What makes the game hard is all the combos you can do. Nevertheless, it's one of our favorite internet games.
Please do read the instructions provided within the game. They'll give you the low down on how to make moves etc in detail...though below is a quick start chart on the basic moves. You can configure the keyboard keys by selecting the set key option from the main menu.
[SHIFT] = Pull out gun [Ctrl] = Shoot [SPACE BAR] = slow motion (but keep it pressed down)